"On behalf of the officers and men of Sir John Owen's  Regiment of Foote, I welcome you to our ranks."
Philippe Le Pinnet, Commanding Officer

Sir John Owen's Regiment of Foote were raised in North Wales, but with men from Cheshire and Shropshire in its ranks, due to Sir John's family connections. Since the regiment campaigned all over England subsequent casual recruits would have come in from as far a field as Cornwall and Northamptonshire.

We believe that a more 'thorough' approach (as my Lord Strafford put it), leads to a more thorough enjoyment through a deeper knowledge and resultant insight into the life of a 17th century soldier. We enjoy a reputation for the right approach among other regiments and have a good working relationship on the re-enactment field with parliamentarian regiments.

As with the soldiers, those recruits who opt to follow the drum as a camp follower are encouraged to strive for a high degree of authenticity, not only in appearance but also in their role on the field. With your help we would like to improve still further, diversifying into such topics and activities such as authentic camping equipment, commemorative events and plaques. The every day life of the ordinary folk and gentry alike provides a fascinating subject and nothing creates a understanding of life as it must have been then, 'better than re-creating it!'

A great deal of the pleasure derived from this hobby lies within the comradeship and good company of like minded people from all walks of life you will meet, both within the Regiment and at Musters; the re-enactment weekends staged during the summer months. The social life continues during the winter months with organised trips, and gatherings at pubs and banquets.

We hope you enjoy this website which has been designed to give you a small insight into re-enactment and life during the 17th century





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